Key Staff

Vicki Harty

Vicki Harty has gained extensive modelling experience since 1991, initially working as an individual consultant in several organisations to managing a team of capable modellers in HartFair since 2001.

As well as maintaining a good technical ability in modelling, Vicki is responsible for the quality of modelling work within the team. She also has experience of audit work and provision of training.

Saul Bradford

Saul has been modelling since 2001, when he joined HartFair, and has carried out numerous studies for various clients in the UK Water Industry. Since 2009, Saul has been undertaking water supply modelling.

Saul has given papers at conferences and written and hosted in-house seminars on aspects of InfoWorks CS and WS. He has particular interest in generating bespoke database/GIS tools and procedures to manipulate datasets, in order to improve efficiency and robustness.
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