Drainage Design

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Traditional piped drainage systems have been invaluable for many years both for the collection of effluent and surface water runoff. Despite the advantages of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) for the management of surface water, the need for piped systems remains.

For the surface runoff from new developments, a balance is often needed between environmental benefit and economic advantage - this may lead to a combination of SuDS and traditional drainage. Above ground SuDS features (such as attenuation ponds, swales and filter trenches) can be land hungry.

Runoff from industrial and commercial developments with large buildings, service yards and car parks must be collected and removed efficiently without disrupting day-to-day operations. Rainfall runoff collected by down pipes, gullies and other positive drainage systems often discharge to a below ground network prior to arriving at the SuDS facility. Downstream locations of SuDS features, maximising land use, will be served by a traditional piped network.

Key services and skills that HartFair offers are:
  • Surface Water Sewerage Design: HartFair carry out the design of traditional networks in conjunction with SuDS facilities, the sizes and depths of which are optimised using source control. This method of holding back water within the SuDS system reduces the size and cost of downstream infrastructure.

  • Foul Water Sewerage Design: We design private and adoptable foul water sewer systems that conform to relevant standards, including Sewers for Adoption, British Standards and Building Regulations.

  • Existing Sewerage Improvements: HartFair has a wealth of experience in analysis and feasibility design using hydraulic modelling for improvements to water company assets - addressing flooding and pollution issues; improving levels of service to their customers. Options such as large storage structures, gravity and pumped; reconfiguration of networks; and larger conveyance capacity are all solutions with which we are familiar.

  • Full Design Process: We offer first-class design work from feasibility to construction with the aid of industry–leading software: within the planning process as well as the wider water industry.

  • Full Drainage Calculations: Our planning submissions are accompanied by full drainage calculations and detailed analysis. All our work is well-documented and readily auditable.

  • Stakeholder Liaison: HartFair are effective communicators and have valuable experience in liaising with stakeholders such as Local Authorities, Highway Authorities, Drainage Authorities, and the Environment Agency. We co-ordinate seamlessly with Architects, Structural Engineers and contractors; our skills facilitate smooth feedback and approvals within the planning process and draw out co-operation from diverse audiences.

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