Surveying Services

surveyor working

The need for quality data collection arises in every aspect of Surface Water Management and Water and Wastewater Systems engineering. We understand the importance of obtaining both quality data and obtaining the correct data: good quality data is a waste of money if you have no use for it and poor quality data is just a waste of money. In response, HartFair offer a comprehensive range of services:
  • Topographical Surveys: Our capabilities allow us to provide a complete service in all areas of topographical survey, 2D / 3D mapping, and 3D modelling, which can be provided at any scale and at any level of detail.

  • Setting Out / Engineering Surveys: Calling for a high degree of expertise and great attention to detail, we conduct setting out and engineering surveys that provide three-dimensional control to construction work on a full or part time basis.

  • Earthwork Surveys / Volumetric Calculations: We provide accurate volumetric calculations of mass excavation, fill and stockpiles using the latest GPS technology. This terrain modelling produces plans, sections and volumes to the Client's requirement.

  • GPS Control: We establish control points across large areas more accurately than conventional surveying techniques. We establish co-ordinates to national or local datums and reduced to flat earth or mapping projections.

  • Monitoring Surveys: We observe the condition of buildings, tunnels, bridges, etc. and carry out deformation studies. These are especially suitable for coastal erosion.

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