Sustainable Drainage Design


With the aspiration that the management of water for the built environment should closely mimic the natural process, issues such as runoff rate and quantity, water quality and groundwater recharge are key considerations for the design of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). Even with excellence in design, inevitably the natural environment will suffer and mitigation of this through amenity and biodiversity enhancement is important. Indeed, innovative designs can lead to an enhancement of a development by improving the visual amenity of the green spaces, improving the biodiversity of the urban space and introducing open spaces of water which can increase property value. We have a wealth of experience in designing SuDS solutions, including the co-authoring of a SuDS Principles Document and negotiations for SuDS adoption.

This sustainable approach to drainage design is not only technically complex but also legislatively complex; designs impacts on green spaces, existing underground systems, the river network and the wider urban and natural environments. The many stakeholders must embrace the drainage solution and the best approach for final ownership and maintenance needs to be agreed; intensive consultation is often needed through all stages in this process. Our understanding of these technical and legislative complexities as well as our experience in stakeholder liaison has resulted in effective SuDS designs and successful negotiations of adoption arrangements.

HartFair is able to provide expert advice on SuDS at all stages of the planning and design process, from masterplanning to planning application submissions, through to design and implementation on site:

  • Planning Advice: We have a long history of explaining the planning process with respect to drainage to many stakeholders, highlighting the needs and legislative requirements for the design and adoption of sustainable drainage.

  • Development Screening: We assess the planning risks of a development with respect to drainage and flooding, providing early warning of potential costs to meet requirements for sustainable drainage.

  • Concept Design: Our experience enables us to identify and define design requirements for individual sites allowing us to produce concept designs that meet site-specific needs.

  • Detailed Design: We undertake detailed design of drainage systems producing comprehensive outputs covering all aspects of the design.

  • Construction Drawings: We produce construction drawings that meet all current standards and best practice, which contributes to a smooth tender and construction process.

We have a range of skills at our disposal including the ability to virtualise proposals in 3D for public consultation, demonstrating compliance through computer simulation using 12D, MicroDrainage or InfoWorks ICM, and supporting planning applications through effective reporting.
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