Sustainable Flood Risk Management

flooded road

HartFair has the capability to assess a range of flood risks: tidal, fluvial, pluvial, sewer and overland. We quantify the existing flood risk and the impact of new development or infrastructure; we also undertake the design of new flood mitigation works.
  • Flood Risk Assessments: There is increasingly the need to consider the complex interaction between rivers, sewers and overland flow. HartFair already provide ‘joined-up’ analysis of these combined risks, providing robust assessments of the potential for flooding at new developments. We also assess the impacts that development may have on flood risk, and provide the means to mitigate such impacts. We have experience of flood risk assessments across the UK, providing invaluable local knowledge to meet with both national and local authority requirements.

  • Drainage Impact Assessments and Drainage Strategies: For developments where flood risk is minimal, drainage design and rainfall runoff still require assessment to ensure compliance with statutory obligations and best practice. Exact requirements for these studies can vary depending on the local authority and regulatory bodies involved. HartFair will assist with determining the requirements for your development.

  • Feasibility Studies, Flood Mitigation Design and Construction: Analysis of flooding is required at local authority level to identify current flood risk and assess the feasibility of providing flood mitigation for the community. We have the expertise to assess flooding from all sources, carry out the option appraisal (including an economic analysis to determine cost benefit) and promote a flood prevention scheme in line with statutory requirements. We carry out detailed design of the preferred option, preparing contract documents and supervising the construction works in environmentally-sensitive environments.

  • Assessment of Flood Risk to Critical Infrastructure: Hundreds of critical infrastructure sites across the UK are at risk of flooding and such flooding events, if they occur, bring serious social, economic and environmental consequences for communities and corporations. HartFair has the capability to assess the flood risk at a range of sites, providing a detailed register of assets alongside a risk-based scoring system. This database will inform targeted resilience strategies and contingency planning, to ensure continuity is maintained during a flood event.

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